Thursday, June 18, 2009

Popping the garment cherry

i'm making my first real wearable. right now its probably 20% done, i have 5 inches of the front made, 5 inches on a back panel and the straps are already completed.
its taken me 3 years to make something for me that i can wear not just use...i made the 8ft scarf, winter set to go with it and all of the pieces were lost/destroyed, a knit shawl that i dont have a lot of use for. then i did a 10 square swap(the 11th person bailed so she gets nothing from me) eventually i will add on square of my own or just really big effin strips of stuff that i can seam togehter.
so now i've managed to learn to do left leaning decreases(obviously i know what and how to do right leaning lol) i know i hate seed stitch with a blood fucking passion first run of it on the tanktop i'm doing and it almost was ribbing cause i cant keep remembering k,p,k,p and p,k,p,k fubared it a few times. and definetly dont attempt that in the dark again or after a beer lol.
in a week i'll be knitting with my mom again for a 9 day vacation i'm so ready for it
on that note my lil man is up and i need to change him

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