Tuesday, October 7, 2008

knitting,yarn and oww my aching back

knitting, yarn and a sore back what a bitch
im on a knitting spree its been going on for a week between frogging the same piece over and over until i found a happy little cheating medium and finally completing it today(its to be mailed to one of my KG friends in a swap) and i have started onto the next piece and combined or something with the past week of fevered knitting and last nights wild fun my back hurts like an SOB but i seem to be seeing a problem

the yarn i'm using for this newer project it appears i do not have enough to make a 12x12" square by friday(i wanted it done and packed as well by then but i cannot for the life of me remember if its lion brand, caron or bernat must find label to match and purchase more if needed if i can get it in same shade or perhaps a purple. must buy more vodka once this week is over learning lace stitches are making me drink nightly.

must finish this last line and drag my sleepy sore self off to bed to pick up at line 21 in the morning.
so tired i said 30 on my myspace blog