Saturday, May 30, 2009

focus people focus i haz it

ok my blog here has been lacking i wasnt focused enough to concentrate on knitting anything for friends or myself. i bo'd my last swap related project which still hasnt made it to the post office yet.
since then i have made 2 barbie dresses, cast on for a pair of yoga socks and started the straps for a shirt by the name of mariposa
as of currently my sock is 1/2 done and with another one to go and i'm only a few inches into the strap but its better than going oh i want to make this and i have the yarn but i've got to finish something else first
now i suffer from omgiwannamakethat- itis its prolly an incurable disease but treated by being broke and not able to afford the yarns lol.

in that said back to and the instructions for mariposa

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