Thursday, December 20, 2007

knit it frog it knit it ah screw it

ok i havent written about the latest projects, i frogged the same wristie i was doing for a month that i kept putting away. i shelved it for now as it jsut wasnt going to work on the loom.
so i'm onto 2 projects, a pair of long fingerless gloves and a knit hat. hats for hubby gloves are mine lol.
the gloves are a design i created off a stitch pattern. its kind of a checkerboardish knit purl block that for now looks like a line of stockinette & purl. i might checkboard it but i kind of like the way it looks for now.
that hats been the easy part its only been frogged once just to add 2 stitches so i could do the 2x2 rib. i'm modifying as i go i just hope i can get it done before winters oover after all i have 2 kids lol

and ummmm why the hell do i want to even look at a sock patterns? i'm not a sock knitter yet(sorry ma)but i keep thinking some yarn i have might make a sock and i do have dps.......damn it why is this starting NOW?! i dont do socks i just stated making a hat off the loom and now my crazy ass wants to make a i dare.

i need something to get that stinkin thought out of my head for now i got enough projects.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

turquoise shawl thou arent neglected

i havent been working on this one cause well i'm scatterbrained. i start and stop enough projects and am never satisfied when i start things as usual. so i may start this one over on another larger pair of needles and maybe this time i'll get past my block.
i keep wanting to perfect my patterns and havent been doing that either.
having started the shawl as stress relief, i had to put it aside as other things were more important.
ok theres a little blonde distraction needing my attention again.
shall return soon

Friday, August 10, 2007

fingerless gloves

i'm making another pair this time its to go from tip of my fingers to near my elbow if i planned it right. i started today with the cast on and first row.
i had started it yesterday in the hospital but today frogged the few cast on stitches i had and started over.
if all goes well these should be done before the winter lol

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dont ask just frog it!

i was working on a turquoise colored shawl for 2 months and 2 days ago i frogged the whole thing.
i couldnt resist making a new pattern, i'm happier with it now its going quite well and quite fast.
now instead of it being wide and heavy on the needle its now smaller and lighter along with easier to work on.
once i'm more into the pattern i'll take some pics

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

knitting amid chaos

i am a knitter and my life is well not like it used to be.
i'm just now getting back to seriously knitting and trying to create my own designs despite my MIL thinking that you cant knit and watch 2 small children at once. its knitting thats gonna keep this mom sane til they move out!