Friday, July 25, 2008

yarn it! stitches and 12x12 squares

taking a quick break before resuming my project square 1 in an 11 square swap. i'm 2 weeks behind and square 2 is waiting for my attention before i think of #3.
square one has been the biggest pain in my ass i just couldnt think of a patten and it pissed me off to no end so i started square 2 cause i had the perfect yarn and pattern in mind and remembered to print it off so i could mark where the hell i was stopping once i progressed enough to be happy it was back to 1 and now one is 12x5 it needs to be 12x12 in some form and i need about another 5 sections to be happy with it for me to get it out by next friday at the latest. hopefully square 2 goes out with it.

other than that i'm swamped for the next 6 months in 1 swap. 1 square every 2 weeks. the kids gotta leave mommy alone to knit damn it.

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Girl Meets Needle said...

Oh yeah?! Well I'm stalking yours too!!!