Thursday, December 20, 2007

knit it frog it knit it ah screw it

ok i havent written about the latest projects, i frogged the same wristie i was doing for a month that i kept putting away. i shelved it for now as it jsut wasnt going to work on the loom.
so i'm onto 2 projects, a pair of long fingerless gloves and a knit hat. hats for hubby gloves are mine lol.
the gloves are a design i created off a stitch pattern. its kind of a checkerboardish knit purl block that for now looks like a line of stockinette & purl. i might checkboard it but i kind of like the way it looks for now.
that hats been the easy part its only been frogged once just to add 2 stitches so i could do the 2x2 rib. i'm modifying as i go i just hope i can get it done before winters oover after all i have 2 kids lol

and ummmm why the hell do i want to even look at a sock patterns? i'm not a sock knitter yet(sorry ma)but i keep thinking some yarn i have might make a sock and i do have dps.......damn it why is this starting NOW?! i dont do socks i just stated making a hat off the loom and now my crazy ass wants to make a i dare.

i need something to get that stinkin thought out of my head for now i got enough projects.

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